by Joel K

Hey, Whitespark Local Summit -ers!

Thanks for stopping by my session on “The Total Idiot’s Guide to High-Converting Copy.”

A few of the resources I mentioned are here:

I hope they help!

Tips and things to keep in mind:

  1. Screw-it-let’s-do-it sections combine urgency, proof, and high-priority benefits, and they work GREAT for local.
  2. Research the ‘world before the click’ to understand how a customer will actually enter the conversation with your brand.
  3. Map out the Q’s you need to A for your ideal prospects, and don’t forget their language/priorities!

Want a little help with your copy/conversions?

I offer a service where I’ll tear down up to three landing pages and provide recommendations for changes to copy, layout, and more—starting from $1,500.

It’s a great way to get my eyes on your project on a tighter turnaround and without the (significantly) larger expernse of doing a full project together.

Drop me a line!

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