The Two Coolest Pieces of Content I’ve Worked On (So Far!)
by Joel K

Today is a great day.

Why’s that, you ask?

Because today, I can finally take credit for my involvement in a couple of incredibly awesome pieces of content that I think showcase the kind of amazing stuff that can be put together when sharp design, strong development and compelling copy come together.

But before I get into the works themselves, I want to offer a quick thank-you to the entire team at Builtvisible, the agency who brought me on board to take part in these projects. There are extremely few digital agencies actually walking the talk of “great content”; Builtvisible constantly pushes the limits of it.

I’ve worked for dozens of agencies at this point – and while I don’t want to play favorites, anything that crosses my desk from Builtvisible is usually a resounding “YES!”

Just some really exciting, innovative stuff.

And now, to the projects!

1. Bravo November – The Mighty Wokka (Written for Casio’s G-Shock Series)


“Never give up.”

Casio builds some of the roughest, toughest, most rugged watches on the market. To help communicate that, they’ve been aligning their brand with stories of perseverance; people who simply refused to fold when the going got tough.

One notable story is the tale of Bravo November, the helicopter that’s flown in every major field of combat the RAF has been a part of for the last three decades.

It’s been peppered with bullets, overloaded with troops, shot at, nearly submerged, stripped down and refortified over and over again. It simply refuses to die.

Maybe most impressive is that no less than four pilots of Bravo November have earned the Distinguished Flying Cross- a record for the Air Force.

Builtvisible brought together video (Edit from Richard Baxter of Builtvisible: “Credit where credit is due – that amazing video was the work of Kash London: the very talented Si Alvarenga does a mean edit!), visuals and copy for Casio in a super polished package that packs a serious emotional punch. This is brand storytelling done right, and I couldn’t be more excited about having been able to play a part.

(In case you missed the link above, check out the project here.)

2. The Controversial Art of Colourising the Past (Written for Pixart Printing)



Artists or thieves? Honoring the past – or defacing it? 

These are the tough questions surrounding the controversial art of taking black and white photos from the past and trying to restore their original color – or at least recreate what the scene might have looked like in real life.

It’s a creative pursuit with both its rabid fans and staunch critics. Some think the recolored photos bring a new perspective on the past; others see it as crass graffiti and would prefer things stayed as they were.

No matter what camp you fall into, this deep-dive into the practice is sure to hold your interest – not just because the story is compelling, but because of the incredible interactive elements of the piece Builtvisible put together.

With a few waves of your mouse, you can color in the old photos in real time and watch them transform right before your eyes.

Seriously – stop reading right now and go try it out. I’ll wait. 


What I love about this is that there’s an aspect of getting emotionally involved and invested into the story. We’re not just sharing the process – we’re sharing the stories and motivations of the people who take on this kind of work and giving the reader a chance to decide for themselves whether it’s something they want to celebrate.

It’s that perfect mix of educational, entertaining and “out there” that I think makes for great content, and I had an absolute blast putting it together.

Cool, right?!

These days, I’m doing less and less article writing, saving my time for cool projects like these ones while I focus more on website copy and landing pages. That said, if you’ve got a vision and budget to create something that’s on this level, I’ll always be stoked to hear about it.

Thanks for reading – and if you’ve got a minute, I’d love to get your feedback!

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks Joel!

    Credit where credit is due – that amazing video was the work of Kash London: the very talented Si Alvarenga does a mean edit!


    • Joel K says:

      Cheers, Richard!
      I’ve added a note to the piece so as not to mislead people. Even so, you’ve done some amazing work and I’m thrilled to have been part of it.

  2. Richard says:

    Thank you – I’m very proud of our team 😀

  3. Derek Mah says:

    Running out of superlatives, Joel, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy.

  4. Retargeting says:

    Great marketing ideas and interesting content pieces. Being a copywriter comes with great satisfaction, such as working on awesome projects like this one. Also, I agree with you – at one point you get emotionally involved in the story, depending on the project. It’s really awesome!

    The Pixar printing is absolutely cool!

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