Growing a Writing team: My TCC(N)IRL Talk (and upcoming course)
by Joel K

Building a writing team is hard.

Especially when you’re scaling up from freelancing and you’re used to being the one doing all the work.

It’s why I’ve been working, quietly (and slowly) through the pandemic to build out a course about how to build a writing team—the right way.

Why listen to me?

First, because I’ve tried to do it and failed miserably.

I’ve put my own time, money, and reputation on the line trying to make a writing team work and had it blow up in my face. I’ve seen SO many things that can go wrong, and had to engineer around them, or learn from them.

And second? Because I’ve done it and succeeded.

Case Study Buddy has a team over 20 people large that grew out of me writing case studies on my own. With that team, I no longer…

  1. Have to write any of the studies anymore
  2. Waste hours of time and rage rewriting drafts
  3. Worry about being part of the hiring process

Even though up until this year, Case Study Buddy has NEVER been my full-time focus!

Do we still have challenges and issues? Definitely!
Are we also closing in on the 7-figure mark? Absolutely.

Do I finally feel ready to share, after five years of working on this to make sure I’m not some sort of hackneyed fraud? INDUBITABLY!

So, here’s the scoop:

If you’d like to get updates, insights, and perhaps an early bird discount when the course finally drops, please drop some details here:

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