MozContest: I’m giving away $100 cash!
by Joel K

Look out MozCon, here I come!

Starting on July 13th and ending on the 16th, I’ll be down in Seattle at MozCon 2014…

And I’m givin’ away $100 in cold, hard cash.

(Don’t worry, it’s American.)

This might be the easiest $100 you’ve ever made.

Here’s how to get your grubby little hands on my hard-earned money:

1. Find me and introduce yourself

I’m usually wearing a big floppy hat. It looks like this:


If I’m not wearing the hat, just look for the best looking man in the world.

Don’t worry, I’m really friendly – even if I look like I’m pissed off. Myself and all of my siblings have been cursed with angry resting face (sad but true), but I promise I actually want to talk to you.

2. Get yourself one of THESE!

POW! BIFF! WHAM! It’s the hottest sticker at MozCon! I only have 195 to give away, so your odds are really, really good.


3. Stick it to something awesome*

Laptops, travel mugs, your front windshield – preferably somewhere super-forever-permanent.

*(Please don’t deface the venue or slam this anywhere that might get me in trouble. I don’t want Rogerbot to have to flip his “Destroy” switch on me!)

4. Snap a quick photo of the sticker in action

Show me where you stuck that bad sally to make me smile like a cherub on hallucinogens.

If you want to save the sticker for later to put on your office fridge or significant others’ forehead, just snap a shot of you and the unstuck sticker. I’ll trust that it’s too awesome for you to chuck in the garbage, breaking my little writers’ heart in the process.

5. Tweet that photo

Make SURE you add the hashtag #kickasscopy to enter.

Bonus: If you also include “#MozCon“, you’ll be entered TWICE.

If there’s still room, feel free to add @JoelKlettke – just don’t tweet it directly @ me. That kind of defeats the purpose.


Boom, you’re done! That cash is practically yours.

On July 16th at noon (Sorry, contest now closed!), I’ll be randomly selecting an entrant using the magical power of Excel.

That person will win $100 in sweet cash money to spend on whatever they want, like fancy slippers, buying me a beer – or even an exotic trip up for one up the Space Needle!

What gorgeous views! Such luxury!

You’ll be helping me get my name out to the denizens of Moz, and in exchange for your 15 seconds of hard labour you’ll have a chance to be paid out $100.

“Good heavens – that’s like making $24,000 an hour!”
– A really smart economist 

Can’t wait to see ya’ll at MozCon!

– Joel Klettke, copywriter and sticker enthusiast

P.S. I’ve had the pleasure of working on a project or two with a number of the agencies either speaking or attending this year, including BuiltVisible, Altura Interactive, Mack Web, iAcquire, Customer Magnetism and more.

I’d love to show you why some of the industry’s best and brightest have used me as their pen-slinger of choice – so make sure I get a chance to shake your hand!

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  1. […] So when Joel made the commitment of going to MozCon, one of the largest digital marketing conferences in the country, last July, he wanted to find away to help himself network with the right people and get his name out there. The idea was simple, create some kick-ass stickers with a custom logo design on them and hand them out to people at the conference. But that wasn’t enough for a creative dude like Joel, he again raised the stakes and turned his giveaway into a social media contest. […]

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