WHO I HELP: Marketing Agencies

Proven conversion chops. Agency experience.  I’m the unicorn you’ve been hunting for.

Sure, you’ve worked with writers before… might even have some in-house.

But do they know how to convert leads? Can they wireframe a page, or write copy that considers CRO, SEO and UX? Can they advise on conversion strategy or plan out a customer research campaign?

That’s why your agency needs me on your team.

I’ve helped multi-million dollar clients like HubSpot double their conversion rates and redefine their value propositions. I’ve got the work ethic of a packing mule.

I’ve gone a few rounds in an agency environment, taken a few right hooks (dished a few as well) and learned a whole lot about working with agency processes and deadlines, too.

I’ve collaborated with super smart marketing teams on:

• Conversion Strategy and Roadmapping
• CRO Copywriting and Testing
• Website copy and Landing pages
• Email campaigns (Onboarding, Nurturing, Outreach)
• Branding & Content Marketing Strategy

Want to make literal buckets of money from happy clients together? Let’s connect!