Joel’s Super Mega Birthday Bash
by Joel K

December 11th is my birthday — 33 glorious trips around the sun!

So I’m gonna give you some (solid) stuff.

I’ve put together some ‘best-of’ resources (the ones where I definitely overshared) and a couple of special offers that I don’t often make available.

If you see something you like, snap it up and make this the best birthday-during-a-pandemic-hellscape-year ever for BOTH of us!

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Limited-Time Offers

Offer #1: Save $50 on my sales trainings (Coupon: “HAPPYBIRTHDAYJOEL” expires December 15th)

These trainings are fast (one hour each) AND actionable (you’ll leave with pages of notes) – no big, clunky courses or fluffy filler junk.

Training 1: “Fishing With Dynamite”

If you struggle to attract the clients you want or get steady (well-paying) work, this talk is for YOU.

Learn four specific strategies and 12+ proven tactics that have actually (provably!) been used by some of the most successful freelancers in the game to build their authority, fast-track their path to credibility, and grow their careers.

Training 2: “Mastering Sales Calls”

If the phone makes you a sweaty, nervous mess and you constantly trip over your words, leave money on the table, or stumble over what to say on sales calls… this talk is definitely for YOU.

If the words “Can we get on a call?” strike fear into your heart, you don’t need magical confidence beans: you need a foolproof process. This is it.

I teach a no-nonsense, anyone-can-do-this approach you can learn in an hour and put into action before your next inbound sales call to close leads with more confidence and at higher rates.

Over 350 people have purchased it, and dozens have written me back with stories like these:

To take advantage of this offer:

  1. Head to the sales page.
  2. Click the “Buy Now” button of any training (preferably the one that gets you both, though!)
  3. On the next screen Enter the coupon HAPPYBIRTHDAYJOEL using the link I’ve obnoxiously highlighted below:

Offer #2: Book a one-on-one ‘pick-my-brain-and-my-pocket’ call.

It’s a terribly kept secret: I have no formal coaching/training program or private paid group for copywriters.

There’s no way to get a consult with me without becoming a client (min. of $15,000) or buying an audit ($1,500 – $15,000+) — and other than audits, I’m fully booked through most of Q2 of 2021 today. 


I love having conversations with copywriters (or aspiring copywriters) at all stages of their careers about business-building, client-getting, team-growing, problem-solving, and more.

So a few times a year, I open up limited spots for calls.

You’ll have my full attention and carte blanche to ask me anything you want. I prep for the call using a brief you fill out so that the time is as productive as possible.

I’m opening up 8 of those right now for Q1 in 2021 (or December if we can wedge it in before Christmas!)

They’re one hour long (ish — I tend to go overtime), cost $500, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

>> You can apply for yours here. <<
If I’m confident I can help, I’ll contact you to set up a time to connect.

(And trust me: if I can’t deliver insight that will make you at LEAST $500 in an hour-long call, Something has gone horribly awry and I’ll refund every penny. I offer that every time: nobody has ever taken me up on it.)

Some ‘Best-Of-Joel’ Resources:

I can’t promise all of these downloadables will be up forever:

Pssst: they’re all direct downloads. There’s no “enter-yer-email-here” garbage. Click, get, use. You’re welcome!

These assets, you can count on sticking around:

Enjoy, and thank you for being a pal! 

Happy birthday to me,

Joel “The Over-sharer” Klettke

  1. Happy birthday and thanks for the awesome resources!

  2. Adeel Abbas says:

    You’re an absolute gem. Thanks for sharing all this. 🙂 And happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Joel! And thanks for sharing the links!

  4. I’m only… 3 months and 19 days late. No, ok, backpaddle. I’m most definitely 8 months and 12 days early–that’s the one. Happy birthday 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and skill with us.

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