My Handy Landing Page Copy Editing Checklist
by Joel K

So you’ve written your landing page. Now it’s time to edit without mercy!

Any good writer knows that when it comes to creating landing pages the writing part is really only half the battle. Well… maybe more like a third of it when you think about how much research and planning goes into creating something that actually converts and looks good on your brand.

The final step before pushing your landing page out into the world is editing, and it’s a critical one to do right.

You’ve got to watch for more than just typos!

There’s a lot to consider…

  • Does your landing page pass the “Blink” test?
  • Does your USP sum up who you are and what you offer?
  • Is your call to action something people actually WANT to do?
  • And what about social proof – have you used it properly?

Oi vey!

To make things easier, I’ve put together a checklist you can use when editing your landing pages to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

BONUS: It’s packed with links to helpful resources from myself and others that explain concepts and help make you a better writer!

>>>Get My Checklist Now!<<<

I’m not claiming it’s perfect – in fact, it’s a work in progress, so your feedback would be so helpful as I try to improve it.

Something missing or unclear? Let me know via the comments or a quick email!

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  2. Integraphix says:

    Thanks for the post, Joel. The blink test is a big feat to pass!

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