Yikes - the page you were looking for has gone all zombie on us!

Help us put it to death once and for all. Just fill in the blanks, and you'll be treated to a spine-chilling zombie-thriller!


Nobody was sure how the apocalypse got started. Ordinary people had suddenly turned into mindless, drooling cannibals – not undead, but something very much like it. Living zombies.

Up until now your city has remained unaffected. You hope it will stay that way.

You sit comfortably browsing the internet at [your current location, ie: home, the office, a coffee shop], trying to distract yourself from the bad news pouring out of a nearby television.

Suddenly, from behind the [Nearby piece of furniture] leaps [Friend’s name], howling wildly like the time they caught their [Body part] in your [Household appliance] (it’s a long story).

[Friend’s name]? Stop! What are you doing!?” You cry – but to no avail. From the drool hanging from their mouth to the dead look in their eyes, it becomes clear: they’ve become a zombie.

They claw wildly at your [Another body part], gnashing their teeth and trying to go in for a bite.

Fumbling for whatever you can find, you grab a nearby [Nearby inanimate object] and bash it repeatedly over their leering, soulless head. IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE - sending a splatter all over the walls like a tidal wave of tragic spaghetti. A terrible feeling washes over you as they slump to the ground.

Before turning away, you hear [Friend’s name] cough and whisper your name twice – like they do in old-timey movies during a death scene. It appears they’ve come to after the magnificent blow you delivered to their cranium.

“I’m so sorry..” you whisper, stroking their head gently, “[Something you’ve always wanted to say]

But it’s too late. Man, zombie apocalypses are so unfair!

As you ponder what’s just happened, you’re unsure whether to contact the police or just break into tears. What you need right now is a distraction – the welcoming comfort of the internet.

Logging on, you see that a friend has shared a link with you – some stupid copywriter’s 404 page. Mildly interested, you click through and start reading.

Just as you finish filling in the blanks of an ingenious word game (which is copyrighted and cannot be named), you overhear a news report coming on. They’ve found the source of the zombie outbreak.

A website. An insipid page of content with an intense subliminal message that taps right into the mind of the reader, eliminating all sense of reason and triggering feelings of intense, all-consuming hunger. Hunger for human flesh.

It’s a 404 page. From a copywriter.

“It couldn’t be…” you reassure yourself, “..what complete nonsense.”

As you reach for the “off” switch, your stomach growls. It must be the [Your favorite food] you had earlier. Although… you could really go for some brains right now!