CTAConf 2017

Hiya, CTAConf folks!

It was a pleasure to share with you!

Here’s my CTAConf 2017 Deck: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/2UGdOwUhdmqhND

Here are my other resources:

And some awesome tools, too!

Struggle with copy? Want to improve your conversion rates?

Good news: I’ve consulted to clients like HubSpot, WP Engine and InsightSquared, and I’d love to help you, too!

I can help you…

  • Find and fix conversion killers on your website, landing pages, ads and email series
  • Develop, conduct and analyze customer research programs
  • Write new copy across your conversion funnel
  • Optimize your onboarding and improve sign-up to paid customer rates
  • Train your team on how to write conversion copy with a proven process

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Thank you so much!

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