My Rates

Let’s keep this short:

  • You can count on a per-project rate.
    Hourly? Nope. Per word? Double nope. I’ll quote you based on your actual needs, with a clear proposal that shows you where your investment is going.


  • You should get on my calendar immediately.
    I book out at least a month in advance. If you wait to see if a slot opens up, someone else will take it. 


  • You should (generally) expect to invest at least $7,500 in a project.
    Other than audits ($997 for a thorough review and recommendations on up to 3 pages), there’s virtually no project that would come in below this rate.
    For comparison, a full website typically costs in the range of $15,000 – $30,000.


If you take copy and conversion seriously; if you can’t afford to roll the dice on a flaky amateur — let’s chat.