Hire Me!

I am accepting very few projects in 2022.

I’m focusing on growing Case Study Buddy again this year.
Demands on my time make it impossible for me to serve everyone I’d like to.

As a result, I have limited availability for these types of engagements:

(You can engage me for any of the below; they’re not a combo/package!)

+ 1x full copywriting project per quarter.
I have a min. project rate of $30,000. All projects quoted to scope.
Contact to discuss.

As a rough reference point: a $30k project might look like the customer research, analysis, wireframing and writing of a  4 – 6 page marketing site, give or take.

+ 8 hours of consulting or “Copy Chiefing” per month.
$300/hour — I’ll review the work of your team, provide 1:1 feedback and advise on recommendations. Essentially, an expert mentor and guide for your team.

+ 1x corporate training session per month.
In a two-day intensive, I’ll teach your team the concepts, processes, and tactics they need to skyrocket their customer research and conversion copywriting skills.

Contact for details; from $5,000.

+ 2x “Lightning” audits per month.
I’ll review up to 5 core pages of your site for conversion issues and serious opportunities. Deliverables include: video teardown (45+ mins), a shortlist of written recommendations, and a one-on-one call (60 mins) to discuss. Cost is $3000.

(All prices in USD)

I love meeting smart people building interesting things. Even if I’m not a fit, I’d be happy to hear your needs and try to set you up with a referral or resource.

>> Email me: Joel [at] businesscasualcopywriting.com <<