Have you ever fallen for a slick sales pitch? An offer so convincing – so persuasive – that you tossed over your cash like it was on fire? Maybe it was that knife that can saw through steel-toed boots. Perhaps it was that space-age laser comb – the one that’s supposed to bring back your luscious locks […]


I’ve got a serious crush on testimonials. As far as social proof goes, there’s nothing that packs quite the same punch as a well-placed story from a satisfied customer. After all, that’s what testimonials really are – success stories, wrapped up in a neat little package that gives your business some cred when customers come calling. This […]


I’ve had it, folks. I’ve seriously had it. I just got off a phone call with someone close to me. She’s a business owner, a mother and an all-around wonderful person being taken for a ride by a self-proclaimed “SEO guru” out of Toronto. It was not a fun conversation. I had to tell her […]


Copywriting isn’t about inspiration… It’s a science! That was the real message at the heart of my recent webinar with Buzzstream, where I shared my own 8-step process for putting together complete and persuasive landing pages.  Today, that deck is one of SlideShare’s “SlideShare of the Day” features! Check out my deck below! 8 Easy Steps […]


So you’ve written your landing page. Now it’s time to edit without mercy! Any good writer knows that when it comes to creating landing pages the writing part is really only half the battle. Well… maybe more like a third of it when you think about how much research and planning goes into creating something […]