Oh man, I am SO excited about this one! Just over a month ago, I was approached by my old friend,  David Wald of Social Sesame. Fun fact: David was actually one of the  first people who ever gave me a copywriting gig back when I was just getting going! Anyways, Social Sesame, David’s social media […]


How’d you like to get feedback on your landing page copy from 3 experts? How’d you like it if that was totally free? Today’s your lucky day – but you gotta act fast. On April 9th, myself, Sean Smith and Paul Jarvis  are hosting a FREE webinar as part of CRO Day where we will… […]


Today is a great day. Why’s that, you ask? Because today, I can finally take credit for my involvement in a couple of incredibly awesome pieces of content that I think showcase the kind of amazing stuff that can be put together when sharp design, strong development and compelling copy come together. But before I […]


I was clickin’ through my Twitter stream this morning, when I came across the following title of a blog post: “In 2015, Your Job as an SEO Isn’t Actually SEO” (I outright refuse to link to the piece) Intriguing! As a guy who spent a good chunk of his 20′s doing SEO agency-side, I was keen […]


If I were to chart out the way I feel like most marketers and businesses see the content marketing process, it’d look something like this: Step 1: Create great content. Step 2: Promote that content. Step 3: ????? Step 4: Profit! It might be funny, but I’m not joking. The majority of the businesses who contact me start […]