“Where do you go when you have a question you don’t know the answer to?” So began the biggest presentation I’ve ever given in my life. I was standing in front of some 1,500 people on stage at TEDxYYC, the red numbers on the timer in front of me mercilessly counting down. My family and […]


Conversion rate optimization – so hot right now! Smart companies are shifting their focus AWAY from the rabid and emphatic “WE MUST PRODUCE SO MUCH CONTENT!” and towards questions like, “What is all this content even doing for us, anyways?” I’m excited by it – because that’s where I’m headed, too. But it seems that there […]


“We don’t have any social proof yet.” I hear this all the time. Whether I’m writing copy for a digital agency, SaaS startup or even an established business who hasn’t ever thought to collect feedback from customers, a lack of third-party proof is a problem that’s WAY more common than I’d like it to be. That’s […]


Oh man, I am SO excited about this one! Just over a month ago, I was approached by my old friend,  David Wald of Social Sesame. Fun fact: David was actually one of the  first people who ever gave me a copywriting gig back when I was just getting going! Anyways, Social Sesame, David’s social media […]


How’d you like to get feedback on your landing page copy from 3 experts? How’d you like it if that was totally free? Today’s your lucky day – but you gotta act fast. On April 9th, myself, Sean Smith and Paul Jarvis  are hosting a FREE webinar as part of CRO Day where we will… […]