Important: (This post was originally an email I sent to my mailing list. If you like it, please sign up!) Which four-letter word can help you… + Influence purchase decisions like a veteran salesperson… + Make leads see your solution as the obvious choice, like switching a lever in their heads… + Communicate complex ideas […]


This past week Tim Soulo (the incredibly smart CMO at Ahrefs) sent me an email about a potential project (huzzah!) In it, he asked if I’d share a bit about how a typical fee structure looks and what rates look like. I wound up writing him quite the hefty email back all about hiring CRO […]


Who the heck is Eugene, and why should you love him? I’ll answer that in a second. But first… What if I told you that there was ONE BIG FAT THING that can completely derail any copy you write, any funnel you build, and any offer you pitch? A concept so powerful that getting it wrong could be […]


How do you write a persuasive service page in a  crowded, done-to-death niche? That’s the challenge I was tasked with when Ross Hudgens of Siege Media approached me to write a brand new page advertising their link building services. They needed a service page that sold the hell out of their capabilities, stayed SEO-friendly, and […]


So your product has tons of features – how do you know which ones to draw attention to? No, this isn’t a “features vs. benefits” sermon – so strap yourself in, because we’re going deeper than that. There are two extremely common and utterly devastating problems I see on landing pages: The first is feature/benefit […]