Should you use jargon in your copywriting? If you’ve spent more than a hot minute in business circles, you’ve heard someone say it, usually while turning up their nose in disgust: “Don’t use jargon. You’ll lose people. You’ll turn them off. You will flush sales down the toilet. You will shame the marketing community forevermore, and […]


Most businesses aren’t putting their mouths where the money is. Yeah, you read that right. No, it’s not as clever as I hoped, and it sounds vaguely sexual… but let’s roll with it. What I mean is… Most companies still don’t understand the value of customer research. Y’know, talking to customers. Oof. Did you grimace? When people […]


When the crap hits the fan and your customer has a problem, how do you reply? One of the most awkward situations you’ll ever have to write copy for is when a customer complains or comes to support for help. These are situations that demand a business to step lightly: respond the wrong way and […]


“Where do you go when you have a question you don’t know the answer to?” So began the biggest presentation I’ve ever given in my life. I was standing in front of some 1,500 people on stage at TEDxYYC, the red numbers on the timer in front of me mercilessly counting down. My family and […]


Conversion rate optimization – so hot right now! Smart companies are shifting their focus AWAY from the rabid and emphatic “WE MUST PRODUCE SO MUCH CONTENT!” and towards questions like, “What is all this content even doing for us, anyways?” I’m excited by it – because that’s where I’m headed, too. But it seems that there […]