Fun fact: this piece was sent out to my newsletter. Once a week (ish), I send an email on copywriting, persuasion, business, or… whatever’s compelling and useful to me at the time. Curious? Sign up here! Do you know how much Mr. Rogers weighed? 143 pounds—and that’s no accident.In fact, Fred Rogers stuck to a rigorous […]


Hey you! Didja know: this was sent to my newsletter first. I send them a lot of content that I never publicly share. Curious? Sign up! Even if you’ve never heard the name “Ingvar Kamprad,” there’s a very good chance you’ve bought something from him. And if you have, you built it yourself.Yep: Ingvar was […]


Psst… this was sent to my newsletter first. In fact, I send a lot of great stuff there that never makes it here. Want to get those? Sign up!  You’ve heard it before: “Benefits over features!” But what if that’s not the whole story? What if you’re missing a piece that can help you sell […]


Important: (This post was originally an email I sent to my mailing list. If you like it, please sign up!) Which four-letter word can help you… + Influence purchase decisions like a veteran salesperson… + Make leads see your solution as the obvious choice, like switching a lever in their heads… + Communicate complex ideas […]


This past week Tim Soulo (the incredibly smart CMO at Ahrefs) sent me an email about a potential project (huzzah!) In it, he asked if I’d share a bit about how a typical fee structure looks and what rates look like. I wound up writing him quite the hefty email back all about hiring CRO […]