Nothing converts like a solid case study — but if you’ve ever tried to get one out of a client, you know how hard it can be. My second talk at WordCampYYC focused on customer success stories: how to get ’em, create ’em, and cash in on ’em. You can find the slides below! The […]


Copywriting is really, really hard. If you struggle to write your own copy — or if the copy you’ve written isn’t converting — I get it. It doesn’t come naturally to most folks. One of two of my talks at WordCampYYC this year was all about 10 conversion-killing copywriting mistakes, and how to fix ’em. […]


So your product has tons of features – how do you know which ones to draw attention to? No, this isn’t a “features vs. benefits” sermon – so strap yourself in, because we’re going deeper than that. There are two extremely common and utterly devastating problems I see on landing pages: The first is feature/benefit […]

An Open Letter to Persado
by Steven Peters

This is the first post by Steven Peters, a freelance copywriter who has become a regular fixture here at BCC. It’s definitely a fun one, but timely nonetheless: Are machines about to steal copywriters’ jobs?   You’ll be seeing him around here every so often, so let’s give him a warm welcome!  Take note, computers. I’m team […]


Should you use jargon in your copywriting? If you’ve spent more than a hot minute in business circles, you’ve heard someone say it, usually while turning up their nose in disgust: “Don’t use jargon. You’ll lose people. You’ll turn them off. You will flush sales down the toilet. You will shame the marketing community forevermore, and […]