Awesome Project Wrap-Up: The Coolest Brand Playbook Ever
by Joel K

Oh man, I am SO excited about this one!

Just over a month ago, I was approached by my old friend,  David Wald of Social Sesame. Fun fact: David was actually one of the  first people who ever gave me a copywriting gig back when I was just getting going!

Anyways, Social Sesame, David’s social media consultancy, was looking to create a resource that quickly and beautifully communicated who they are, how they work and why brands would be stupid not to hire them.

He needed to show people that Social Sesame..

  • Took a calculated, strategic approach
  • Was full of bright, inventive ideas
  • Had a process in place (they’re business-minded, not a bunch of flakes)
  • Was a hell of a lot of fun to work with

The solution we collaborated on was a fast, fun brand playbook that would leave prospects with the unshakable perception that Social Sesame were the best in the biz.

To bring it all together and make it shine out on the catwalk, epic local designer Chris Pecora took the design helm. As you’re about to see, the results are… well, gorgeous:

Social Sesame Playbook ss2

>>>Read the Whole Playbook<<<
(It’ll only take a few minutes)

Just another awesome example of what happens when imagination, solid copy and so-fresh-and-so-clean-clean design come together.

Want something this awesome for YOUR brand?

Then you’re gonna want to make your way over to that “Hire Me!” section real quick – I’d love to help you bring your brand alive in a similar way!

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  1. David says:

    We are so thrilled with how the Social Sesame Playbook turned out. And seriously, one of the best parts was working with Joel who was the perfect business partner to have taking the lead on content. From start to finish Joel helped us communicate our process and products in a non-assuming, kick ass way that we’re super proud to show off.

    And yes, the creative output by Chris is nothing less than awesome.

    Thanks Joel!

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