Who I Am

 My name is Joel Klettke.


The short version? I’m..

  • A conversion-focused copywriter and strategist  who’s worked with clients like HubSpot, WP Engine, Safelite and Ion Interactive.
  • A BComm holder who runs his company like a business – not a creative divahood. I love deadlines, strategy documents, and clear communication.
  • digital marketer with 5+ years of experience agency-side. I don’t just write: I help you figure out what content you actually need to reach, nurture and convert your audience.

Here’s the whole story:

At the age of 3, I penned my first-ever poem, an inquisitive epic titled “What Will You Do In Winter?”

What I lacked in grammatical correctness I made up in unbridled passion. It hung on my Mom’s fridge as a testament to my literary greatness. The seed was planted.

I desperately wanted to be hung on more fridges.

I grew up and earned a BComm from the Haskayne School of Business in Calgary.

To pay my way through University, I worked in an accounting department. It was a comedic goldmine.

At the end of University, I (thankfully) flew the coop on accounting and landed a job as the Lead SEO Specialist at Vovia Online Marketing, also serving as the agency’s resident copywriter.

There, I learned online marketing inside and out, leading campaigns for over 40 brands.

Along the way, I picked up insights into SEO, conversion rate optimization, user experience and online marketing that other copywriters simply don’t have.

I also discovered content strategy and began writing copy for websites and ads. I enjoyed the challenge of attracting an audience in a world with an awful lot of noise.

Starting in 2011, I began freelance copywriting on the side. I saw where the digital world was going and knew I had the chops to bring businesses a better option.

In 2013, I launched Business Casual Copywriting.

What was once a hobby became a business that paid for illustrious waterproof couches and my first car.

At first, I focused heavily on content marketing assets and website copy, working with over 50 clients in SaaS, B2B, digital marketing, and a relatively absurd range of niches.

Everything was going fine, until…

In 2015, I began focusing entirely on conversion copywriting—and not just the writing part.

I became fascinated with understanding how people make decisions—and how I could help companies influence those decisions. I started obsessing over understanding customer psychology, interpreting data, and testing hypotheses.

Thankfully for my clients, all that boring stuff has lead to them making a lot more money.

Today, I help clients improve their conversion rates by…

  • Developing, executing and analyzing customer research programs
  • Auditing existing copy and UX for conversion killers
  • Writing and wireframing new landing pages and websites
  • Building out full-funnel strategies, including ads, email nurturing campaigns and more

These days, I’m more of a conversion consultant than just a copywriter.

My career keeps changing and my skills keep sharpening, but one thing remains the same:

I still want to hang on your fridge.

Let’s get some great results together.

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