WHO I HELP: Web Developers

Launch (And Get Paid) Sooner.

You’ve finalized the design, built the website and you’re ready to go live. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the client is still humming and hawing over content. And when you finally get that content, it’s probably going to be terrible.

I feel your pain.

Most web developers I know would rather be building websites than wrangling content, but the wait for website copy can keep great projects – and your bank account – in limbo.

What if there was a way to launch faster, get paid sooner and make MORE from your existing clients? Would you be interested?

Cue up my theme music, because that’s where I come in.

I partner with web developers to provide professional copywriting services that eliminate obstacles and get things shipped. And when it comes to web copy, this ain’t my first rodeo – I’ve got a proven history in digital and a business background to boot.

Consider me an extension of your in-house team: You can sell my services to your clients, get the content you need to go live and collect a referral bonus (cha-ching!). It’s win, win, win.

If you like winning and you’re tired of waiting to get paid, let’s talk.