My Rates

Copywriting Rates: So… whattaya charge?

Thanks for asking!

1. I quote for value, not for time.

You’re paying me to deliver a solid return – NOT for the time I spent hunched over a keyboard to get you that outcome.

I quote an itemized, project-specific rate that shows you exactly what I’m going to deliver for you with no guesswork.

2.  My minimum engagement rate is $3,500.

That’s not a quote, just a starting point to keep in mind.

You should make at least 2 – 3x what you paid me in ROI. Most of my clients realize substantially greater returns than that.

So, If your top priority is “cheap,” I’m not your guy.

But if you’re interested in massively effective copy that’s delivered on time and needs minimal revisions, you’re going to love working with me.

  • I work fast – you get your work on time.
  • I follow a process – you know exactly what to expect.
  • I get things done right the first time – you haggle less and go live faster.
  • I check in without being asked to – you always know where we’re at.
  • I know what it takes to sell – you get more customers (which is why you’re really hiring me).

These people are confident they made a good investment. So are the folks who recommended me.

Some other stuff you’ll probably find useful:

1. Yup, I’m Canadian – but I bill in USD.

Most of my clients are in the US/UK, so it just makes things easier. (Psssst – If you’re a fellow Great White Norther, we can probably work a little somethin’ out.)

2. A down deposit is required for every project.

Your deposit effectively holds your spot in my cue. If you cancel within one week of kickoff, I’ll refund half of your deposit.

Deposits are either 50% upfront or on a milestone basis for larger projects.

3. It’s best to get on my calendar immediately.

I book up in advance, so 11th-hour turnaround times aren’t always possible. If you’re planning a project for the near future, you need to contact me right now.

4. I accept cheques/checks/Czechs, bank transfers, direct deposits and payments via Stripe (credit card).

I’ll happily take your money via cheque or, for those of us not living in the 90’s, Stripe (credit card payments). I loathe PayPal  and will only accept it if all other options are exhausted (including carrier pigeon).

I also accept international electronic bank transfers. When paying via Stripe/PayPal, a 3% surcharge is added to your quote to cover transaction fees.

For Canadians, I happily accept e-transfers.

5. I’m a businessman  with agency experience.

Some writers don’t care if your copy works, as long as it sounds nice.I’m all about conversions, and my rate and process both reflect that.

My background is in a field where outcomes matter – business. My job is to help you make money and get more customers, not win you a Pulitzer.

I know digital marketing inside and out, so I know how to research your audience, identify opportunities, overcome objections and design entire sales funnels to put more money in your pocket. Copy is one critical part of that.

Whether we’re talking business goals or strategy, we’ll be on the same page.